Professional Ayurveda treatment for your well-being

  • With our team of seasoned Ayurvedic doctors and therapists, we provide personalized and comprehensive care. One of our key specialties is the classic Panchakarma therapy. These gentle yet essential treatments are designed to rejuvenate, nourish, and fortify your immune system.
  • Through a thorough assessment, we ascertain your present state of health and identify any imbalances in your dosha.
  • Our therapies are carefully coordinated to offer you a well-rounded experience. You’ll receive a combination of up to five daily treatments, including oil massages, herbal remedies, and steam baths. Additionally, your daily regimen includes yoga, tai chi, meditation, music therapy, and concludes with a soothing flower bath to complete your program.

The therapies we offer can have the following beneficial impacts on your body and mind:

Activation of the metabolism
Stabilization of the immune system
Increased vitality
Significant improvement in overall well-being
Increased stress tolerance
Improved concentration and memory
Improved creative and intuitive skills
Weight loss
A new sense of wholeness
Inner peace
A new experience of a purified being
Beautiful, harmonized and revitalized skin
Shiny and strong hair
Clear, shining eyes
Reinforced connective tissue

The Aathma Ayurveda Health Resort offers the following treatments:

Stress Reduction Treatments
Body cleansing
Shirodhara (oil application on the head)
Treatments that help with weight loss
Treatments for the skin, metabolism, digestive system and eyes

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