BBQ Nights

BBQ Nights

Indulge in a memorable evening with a BBQ. Gather your loved ones and friends and join us for an enjoyable BBQ night!

Organizing a BBQ event isn’t a straightforward task – it demands thorough planning to get everything right. When you’re in charge of a BBQ, it’s crucial to take into account the dietary preferences and restrictions of all your guests. Some people have different tastes or dietary requirements, including allergies, so having a vegetarian option available is always a thoughtful choice. Offering a diverse range of food options ensures that everyone at your BBQ can enjoy a satisfying meal without any concerns. It not only ensures that everyone has a good time but also prevents anyone from going hungry. Moreover, providing a variety of beverages, including soft drinks for kids and a selection of alcoholic drinks for adults, can enhance the overall experience and cater to a wider range of tastes.


Cooking classes

Our hotel gives you an insight into Sinhala cuisine and offers you a cooking class where you have the opportunity to learn how to prepare delicious Sinhala dishes.


Our sunset and sunrise yoga classes are for everyone—from beginners to advanced students. Our professional yoga teachers will guide you on the right path.

Music Therapy

The music therapy we offer includes techniques such as listening, reflecting, and creating music to improve your health and well-being. A soft music pack is offered to soothe the mind.

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