Fish Market

Fish Market

Beruwala is a charismatic fishing town in the southwest coastal region of Sri Lanka. Among the many attractions, the Fish Market, where you can have many unique experiences, is a must. Here all fish caught during the night or early in the morning are sold on the same day. It is best to visit him early in the morning. So you can watch how the fishermen come back from the sea and put everything they have caught nicely according to size. At this time you can also buy the freshest and best fish.


Vegetable Market

Visit the market and learn how to choose truly fresh and juicy Sinhalese foods. It is a type of market where local people trade a wide variety of local vegetables, fruits, spices, dishes, and all kinds of home/kitchen items.

Aluthgama Kande Viharaya

Kande Vihara is an important Buddhist temple in the Kalutara district which was built in 1734 and has been a regional Buddhist center ever since. This temple was built on a hill, hence its name ''Kande Viharaya''.


Mirissa is one of the main beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka. If you want something a little more lively, the area has it all, beautiful beaches, surfing waves, whale watching, great bars and restaurants. Mirissa has been developing rapidly in recent years, which has resulted in more and more tourists coming here.

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