Kandy is considered the capital of hills and the cultural capital of Sri Lanka is the beautiful Kandy Lake, which is great for strolling. Kandy is famous for sacred Buddhist sites including the Shrine of the Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa), celebrated with the grand annual Esala Perahera procession.

Some days the skies over Kandy seem to be constantly bruised, with persistent fog clinging to the hills surrounding the beautiful lake in the city centre. Delicate hill country breezes gently disperse the mist to reveal colorful homes amid Kandy’s unlikely wooded halo. In the city center, tricycles zip around slippery corners, picking up a soft spray that threatens the silk sarees of local women. Here’s a city that looks good even when it rains.

As the drizzle eases, the cobalt sky reveals a city of imposing colonial-era and Kandyan architecture no more impressive than the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, one of Buddhism’s holiest shrines.

History and culture are at stake. Yes, the city is known for the big Kandy Esala Perahera Festival (held annually in July/August), but its vibrant cultural life and attractions more than justify a visit at any time of the year.



Kitulgala is on the heights of Colombo and is the starting point for whitewater rafting on the Kelani River. It is the main attraction in this humid area surrounded by jungle and rainforest. Many rare and endemic birds live in this region.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park, located in the south of the island, is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as leopards, bears, elephants, wild boar, deer, peacocks, jungle birds (the national animal of Sri Lanka), crocodiles, water buffalo, lizards and around 200 different species of birds. A trip there is definitely worth it.

Udawalawe National Park

Framed by the towering highlands on its northern border, Udawalawe National Park is one of the best places in the world to see wild elephants. It is located in southern inland Sri Lanka and consists mostly of grassland and scrub forest. Many other wild animals can also be observed there.

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