Ambalangoda is a coastal town in Galle District, Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Governed by the Ambalangoda Urban Council, the city is famous for its ancient demon masks and devil dancers. There are many mask museums here that can be visited.

The traditional masks are carved from light-colored balsa such as Kaduru wood (Nux vomica). Kaduru trees grow in the swampy land bordering rice fields. The wood is smoke-dried for a week in preparation. The hand-carved and hand-painted masks in traditional dance dramas are vibrant and colorful. Colorful and vibrant, the Raksha Kolama (Demon Dance) Naga Raksha (Cobra Demon) Mask consists of a fierce face with bulging, glaring, and staring eyes, a bloodthirsty, carnivorous tongue, emerging from a broad, armored, and hilt-to-the-hilt armed mouth and armed with a set of tooth-like teeth and a set of cobra hoods.



Matugama is a semi-urban city surrounded by mountains, tea plantations, rice fields, and a rural setting. The city is located 64 km south of Colombo. Streams and waterfalls make the area breathtaking.

Madu River

The Madu River Safari is a popular activity that must be on the “To Do” list of every Sri Lankan vacationer. This unforgettable activity lasts over two hours and gives the visitor the opportunity to travel the mysterious passages through the mangrove forests and see the ecology.

Lunu Ganga & Brief Garden

The Brief Garden is a famous garden and the country home of Bevis Bawa, who inspired his brother Geoffrey Bawa to build Lunuganga. An amazing place consisting of bathing fountains, sculptures, and ponds amidst stunning scenery that was once a rubber plantation.

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