Lunu Ganga & Brief Garden

Lunu Ganga & Brief Garden

The Briefgarden is a famous garden and the country home of Bevis Bawa, who inspired his brother Geoffrey Bawa to build Lunuganga. An amazing place consisting of bathing fountains, sculptures, and ponds amidst stunning scenery that was once a rubber plantation.

Lush tropical plants abandon their usual clutter and adapt to order. Spreading trees hold up their huge canopy and provide shade for the burgeoning undergrowth. Mature frangipani trees cast a carpet of fragrant blooms. Recreating the small Gardens of Eden is no easy task. But it is precisely this challenge that the two famous Bawa brothers mastered in their masterpieces Lunugala and Brief. The late Geoffrey Bawa – the “Father of Asian Architecture” – lovingly designed the serene world of Lunuganga. The 15-acre estate, flanked on two sides by Lake Deduwa, has been transformed into a unique blend of Italian Renaissance classicism and intoxicating tropical wilderness. Here pavilions, courtyards, small corridors, statues, and ponds all vie for attention, yet are in perfect harmony with their surroundings and each other to create an enduring sense of calm.


Lighthouse Island

This beautiful lighthouse is located on the 3.25-hectare Barberyn Island, which is 0.8 km off the coast of the city of Bentota and 56 km from Colombo.


This historic city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a pleasure to explore on foot. It is blessed with an infinitely exotic and ancient trading port, with imposing Dutch colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, grand mansions, and museums.

Fish market

Beruwala is a charismatic fishing town in the southwest coastal region of Sri Lanka. Among the many attractions, the Fish Market, where you can have many unique experiences, is a must. Here all fish caught during the night or early in the morning are sold on the same day.

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