Moonstone Mines

Moonstone Mines

The moonstones belong to the category of semi-precious stones and are an important part of the Sri Lankan gem industry. The finest are bluish in color and are found in high concentrations inland 7 km to Mitiyagoda, between Ambalangoda and Hikkaduwa.

Meetiyagoda is an illustrious name in the moonstone mining world. It is the largest moonstone mine in Sri Lanka, and Sri Lankan moonstones are known for their blue luster, which is different from Indian moonstones. The finest and rarest moonstones have an almost transparent colorless body with a strong blue luster. Sri Lankan moonstones are the most valuable due to their dark blue reflections.



Ambalangoda is a coastal town in Galle District, Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Governed by the Ambalangoda Urban Council, the city is famous for its ancient demon masks and devil dancers. There are many mask museums here that can be visited.


Matugama is a semi-urban city surrounded by mountains, tea plantations, rice fields, and a rural setting. The city is located 64 km south of Colombo. Streams and waterfalls make the area breathtaking.

Madu River

The Madu River Safari is a popular activity that must be on the “To Do” list of every Sri Lankan vacationer. This unforgettable activity lasts over two hours and gives the visitor the opportunity to travel the mysterious passages through the mangrove forests and see the ecology.

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